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The World Is A Stage: A Historical Look At Musical Theatre

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic, Standards-based Units on 1) The Theatre: From the Ancient World to the New World 2) A Study of Theatre Around the World 3) The Musical: As American As Apple Pie The origins and evolution of live theatre from ancient Greco-Roman times on through current-day contemporary theatre around the world reflect every culture that has ever witnessed a performance. How deeply this art form captures, educates and communicates a plethora of cultural, ideological, philosophical, moral, ethical, socio-economical, technological and historical information reflecting the people and times from which it chronologically and/or thematically originates. As an art form theatre has evolved into three major categories: plays, operas and musicals. Architecture, dance, science, technology and other disciplines have contributed to theatre's evolutionary changes throughout the world's history. Since its inception theatre has not only provided a form of recreation and entertainment, but has also provided professional careers for serious individuals from stage techs and lighting directors to composers, directors, performers and choreographers.