How do I search for Curriculum Units?

You do not need to be logged in to search for curriculum units but you do need to be a paid member with a User ID and Password to view, download and print the curriculum units. Once you are logged in, click on the Curriculum Units menu bar and then click on Search Curriculum Units. You may search for curriculum units in several ways. You may search by grade level only or keyword only. You may also combine both of these methods. Your search results will be more specific if you enter both search criteria. You may enter up to three distinct keywords or phrases into the keyword boxes. The more boxes you use, the more results you will get back. Unless you check the 'required' box, which will narrow your search. For example, if you search for Civil War in the first box, United States in the second box and President Lincoln in the third box, it will find units containing Civil War OR United States OR President Lincoln. If you check the required box, it will find units containing all three keywords in one unit. You can also use a full text search which will scan the entire text of the curriculum unit for the keyword entered. This is separate from the keyword/grade level search above. Click the appropriate search button and the title and short summary of the units that match your search criteria will appear. Click on the title of the unit you would like to view and then click on download file. Accept the terms and conditions and then you will then be prompted to either open the unit or save the unit and open it at a later time.


Why is my User ID and Password not working?

If you are certain that there is not a technical difficulty preventing your access and you have entered the User ID & password correctly and you still are unable to access the units, call the office at 630-852-8863. After office hours, you may email us at mailcenter@rogertaylor.com to alert us of your problem.


Where do I order the books on the recommended reading list?

You can click on the link to Amazon.com that will take you directly to the amazon.com website. You may order the books from Amazon.


How often are new units placed on-line?

Our website is updated constantly throughout the year.


Can I get a CD-ROM of Dr. Taylor’s format for writing a curriculum unit?

Yes, we can send it to you in Windows or Mac format. Please send us a self addressed postage paid disk mailer envelope and we will send you the disk for no charge or you can download a copy from our website (located under the Resource section).


What if I need copyright authorization for printing additional copies of Dr. Taylor’s units?

Please call the office at 630-852-8863 and we can fax you authorization or send us an email at mailcenter@rogertaylor.com.


How do I download Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®?

You can download it for free from the Adobe web-site. There are numerous places on our website where you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader. The link is located on the bottom of our homepage, in the “Help” section, and at the top of the page when you do a search for Curriculum Units. Click on “downloading Adobe Acrobat®” Click on the “Get Acrobat Reader” link and follow the instructions


Why would I want a school building membership?

For the $45 a month, any teacher or staff member in your school building can access the curriculum units at home or at school. Multiple users can access the site at the same time. If any teacher in your school building has attended one of Dr. Taylor’s week long workshops your school building is eligible for the reduced monthly fee of $35 per month.


How can I renew my membership?

To renew with a purchase order please fax the order to the office, 630-325-3281, indicating you would like to renew. Please include in the fax the name of the registered user as well as the desired length of membership. If you would like to renew with a credit card, please call the office during regular business hours. (9am-5pm; Monday thru Friday central time zone) To renew with a check, please send check to: Curriculum Design for Excellence Online, P.O. Box 4505, Oakbrook, IL 60522, along with the name of the registered user and the desired length of membership.


Will I receive a notice when it is time to renew?

Yes, renewals are sent to the registered user two months in advance of the expiration date via email.


If I register on-line will I receive a credit card receipt?

Yes, you will receive a receipt and confirmation of your order via U.S. mail.


Can I access the site at home?

Yes, you can access on any computer with Internet access.