Cell Theory Rap

Listen close to the story I tell
It’s the rappin’ story of the living cell
It’s happy tune that’s sorta cheery
‘Bout a real tough topic called cell theory

All animals, plants, and proteins too
Are made of cells with a basic job to do
They’re the basic units of all organisms
I hope by now you’ve got the rhythm

It all started with a dude named Hooke
Who at some cork cells took a look
He used a scope and took his time
‘Cause a cell is small and thinner than a dime

Say 1-2-3-4
Are you ready to learn some more?
An animal cell has many parts
And you must know each one by heart

Like a farmer in the dell
The nucleus controls the cell
It gives orders kinda like the brain
It’s protected by the nuclear membrane

Around the cell you’ll find another skin
The cell membrane holds the whole cell in
Its job isn’t simple there’s no doubt
It lets some things go in and some things go out

Now please don’t lose your science enthusiasm
Listen to the story of the cytoplasm
All around the cell this thick fluid does go
But in the nucleus it will not flow

And don’t forget those ribosomes
This is where proteins come from
These protein factories are so small you’ll agree
You’ll need an electron microscope to see

Just when you thought you weren’t havin’ any fun
Along comes endoplasmic reticulum
These tube-like structures serve as a track
To carry stuff to the membrane and back

Have you ever seen a doughnut without any holes?
In a cell they’re called vacuoles
They’re filled with stuff like H20
And they carry food so the cell can grow

Last of all, but not very least
Mitochondria mighty cellular beast
Since they turn sugars into energy so well
We call them the powerhouses of the cell

And now my friends you know it well
The unforgettable story of the living cell!