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50 Ways To Know Your Weather OR A Few Clouds Short Of A Storm

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic 7th Grade Study of Alaskan Weather The study of weather and climate is important to Alaskans. Economics, culture, religion, careers, and transportation are all related to the weather patterns of various parts of the state. Alaska is so large there are many different climate patterns to consider. This interdisciplinary unit is intended to give students basic knowledge of the weather and how weather patterns in Alaska affect everything they do. The relationship of the oceans to the atmosphere and the differences in the climate statewide are all important connections to the cycle of Alaskan's lives. Weather plays a major role in Alaskan development and economic operations. Hunting and other outdoor recreational pursuits are also guided by the climate and weather patterns of Alaska. Students will be able to make more informed decisions based upon this unit. This unit will also aid students interested in a career in meteorology.