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A Tale of True Cities or Milwaukee on My Mind

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An integrated, interdisciplinary, Thematic Third Grade Study of the Development of the City There have been cities in the world for thousands of years. More than half the people in the world live in cities. The city is the center of the economy and culture within a geographic area. The city brings together and meets the needs of a diverse population. People in cities develop transportation, governance, a tax base, jobs, housing, recreation, education, and cultural opportunities. The growth of the city is affected by geographical features, natural resources, climate, and the economy. People in cities have greater opportunity to experience various cultures and ideas. People in cities depend on each other, interact with each other, and develop their ideas more quickly than people in more isolated areas. Cities grow at different rates of speed. As cities grow larger, there is an increase in the opportunities and excitement for people who live there; there is also an increase in the problems that need solutions.