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AIDS It's Got the Whole World In Its Hands!

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic Unit examining the Knowledge and Progress Related to HIV and AIDS (its treatment, transmission, and prevention), including a look at the moral and ethical decisions required in these areas through Health, English, Biology, and Geography. Teaching about AIDS is an essential part of a successful battle against the spread of the disease. This disease can be prevented. A concerted effort has been made to provide accurate information in these materials. The information is consistent wuth the current knowledge about AIDS. There appears to be no reason to expect substantive changes in the basics of material in the near future. However, changes will occur as a result of research and the improvement in medical management of the disease, for which this project cannot be responsible. The following rationale is important when we look at this new age plague they are as follows:
* AIDS is the immediate major health problem.
* AIDS is going to continue to be the major health problem.
* AIDS affects all people.
* AIDS will affect all facets of community life.
* AIDS is presently an incurable disease.
* Every individual needs to know how to protect him/herself.
* Instruction will assist in overcoming the fears and dispelling the myths that lack of knowledge creates.
* Students want and need to be informed correctly about AIDS in order to make wise decisions.
* There is evidence of increased sexual activity and unplanned pregnancies at the elementary level.
* Substance abuse is occurring at the elementary level.
* Students and staff need to be prepared for students, school staff, family members and friends who test positive for the AIDS virus.
* The Education Code mandates instruction in Sexually Transmitted Diseases.