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Answering the Eternal Question: Knowledge is Power

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an integrated, interdisciplinary unit for high school students on how REVOLUTION affects our EVOLUTION This unit will enhance the students understanding of environmental impacts on the evolution of their personalities and values as well as intrapersonal responses to change. Students will a greater understanding that their lives are influenced by many different cultures in areas like music, food, and technology and that they are a part of this history. This unit also meets New York State English Language Arts Standards 2 &4, Social Studies Standards 2&3 and the Arts Standard 4. It also meets New Jersey Standard 6.2 and Illinois Language Arts Standards 1 through 5. Ultimately they will come to know the struggles and successes of men and women and the triumph of the human spirit and embed this new knowledge into their daily life choices. These experiences will act as a confirmation of "self" for the individual student.