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As the centuries turn: Immigration during the progressive era or "Do I Really Wanna Go There?"

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An integrated, interdisciplinary thematic approach on Immigration during the progressive era. This unit is important because it shows the crucial roles that new immigrants played in America in both the Progressive Era and today. The millions of immigrants that have come to the United States have helped the country with their contributions, but they have faced unique and challenging problems in becoming adjusted to American society. Because of the "melting pot" ideal that was so prevalent in the Progressive Era, many of these new immigrants were forced to sacrifice certain aspects of their culture. This unit will allow students to gain a better understanding of the vast numbers of cultures that make up the United States. Students will spend most of their lives working with and communitcating with people of other cultures. They will need to develop a good understanding of these cultures and their histories in the United States. Students will also realize the important effects that immigrants have had on political, social, economic, artistic and day to day practices of American Culture. Students will be expected to make connections between Immigration in the Progressive Era, and Immigration today.