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Champions, Role Models, and Heroes From the Wheaties Box, To The Movie Screen, To The Evening News, To The Family Photo Album... OR Did You Ever Know That You Were My Hero?

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic Study of Heroes for Middle School Students Our society is in need of heroes that will provide role models for our children. Children need a realistic definition of what constitutes a hero. Once in a while a person touches our lives with words and action so special that they change us forever. These are the people who extend our vision and inspire us to higher lives of personal achievement. They are our heroes. You'll find them in school rooms and locker rooms, on the assembly line and at the finish line, in foreign lands and right next door. You'll find them wherever the quest for personal excellence is practiced and wherever commitment to noble values is revered. For centuries we've used the exemplary lives of heroes to teach us the benefits of persistence and commitment. And with today's creeping cynicism and irreverence, the model of the hero becomes more important than ever. Heroes personify the best of what we want to believe about ourselves and offer proof that our grandest goals are achievable. There is something in our spirit that longs to be elevated to new heights of purpose. Extraordinary achievements never fail to inspire us to raise our own sights and to color outside the lines. The celebration of heroes, we discover, is ultimately the celebration of our own potential. Regardless of where you find yourself on your life's journey, you never travel alone. For there, in your own heart, is a hero of epic proportions ready at a moment's notice to join you in the grand struggle to seek and claim the ultimate prize -- the satisfaction of a life of purpose, pursued with courage and passion.