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Coming of Age in the Gilded Age or Who Wants to Be a Bazillionaire

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An integrated inter/intradisciplinary, thematic study of transformation in America The central concept of this unit is Transformation. The Transformation Age was a period of United States history which bridged a rural agrarian U.S. to an urban industrial U.S., leading the nation to the Modern Era. The Transformation Age roughly covers teh years between 1880 and 1920. Industrialization, unionization, urbanization, imperialism, Immigration, family, friendship, hardship, agriculture, coming of age, change, and mortality are central concepts and themes in this unit. This unit is important for studets to learn concepts of daily life, literature, poetry, politics, art, theatre, religion, philosophy, music, science, technology which shaped this portion of American History which culminated in world conflict. Transfromation in general will be the subject of the entire unit.