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Creating Monsters and Hearts of Darkness: are monsters born or do we create them by treating humans Monstrously?

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic study of the monster in each of us: From Shelley's Frankenstein to the modern era. This unit contains content standards for California English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History Social Science, and Fine Arts. This unit contains California state required reading material. This unit prepares all students to attain mastery by addressing all learning styles through multiple approaches to insure that all learning styles are met. This unit addresses current topics of interest to students 9-12 for instance, stereotyping, segregation, inventions of the past that make their life easier today - the cell phone. Students experience Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, its setting, characters, theme, and mood and attach meaning through various techniques including persuasive letter writing, time era collages, poetry writing, journaling, family interaction, dramatic presentations, compare and contrast essays and persuasive essays. Students have the opportunity to be actively engaged in the time period in which Mary Shelley lived, for instance American expansion, slavery, manifest destiny, and industrial revolution. Students view the world through other means including European poets, writers, physicists, and chemists and each of their additions that have shaped the world in which students find themselves today.