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Da Moors are An Da Lus!!

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic Study of Moorish Spain from 711A.D. -- 1492A.D. After the death of the prophet Mohammed in 632, Islam began to spread throughout the world. Having recently conquered Egypt and Northern Africa, in the summer of 711, a Berber army led by Arab General Tariq ibn Ziyad crossed from North Morocco to Gibraltar, Spain. Due to internal political struggles in Spain, Tariq's forces easily defeated the Visigothic King Rodrigo's army at Guadelete near Cödiz and soon conquered the Visigoth capital, Toledo. Reinforcements joined Tariq and by 714 nearly the entire Iberian Peninsula lay under Arab rule. The integrated interdisciplinary unit on Moorish Spain will show the interaction of three religions/cultures: Islam, Christianity and Judaism over more than 700 years. The influence of these cultures is still recognizable in the language, food, and music of Spain and Latin America. Students will look at history/politics, literature/theatre, religion/philosophy/learning, visual arts, science/technology/growth, daily life, and geography and the changes brought about by the encounter of the three cultures.

Our students need to understand that the interaction of these three world religions and cultures are the center of many conflicts in 2003. In addition to studying past encounters and conflicts, students will examine present day interactions among the three groups. Students will examine the themes of moving past tolerance to understanding and mutual respect of cultural differences, conflict resolution, and the cooperative solution to global problems.