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Do The Write Thing... Let My People Go! TRANSCENDING the Chains of Slavery!

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An Integrated, interdisciplinary study of the Antebellum South (1810-1865) through Writing Integrated approach to study Antebellum American Life. It studies the impact of sectionalism in the country in terms of economics. Despite the passage of years, the economic, political, sociological differences still cause sectionalism.
Students will have an opportunity to develop conceptual knowledge and highter-order thinking skills around the thematic focus of the Antebellum Period. Meaning and understanding of this era is essential cultural knowledge underlying the American identity.
Students will be aware of the torment that the slaves endured during this time and realize the economic hardships that were rampant during this time.
The writing assignements in this unit will help students learn the essential writing styles necessary for success on the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP).