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Erasing Mental Graffiti With The New 3-R's Of Education: Responsibility, Respect, Reasoning or Going From Beavis to "The Beave"

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A Thematic, Interdisciplinary, Secondary Unit On Character Education through the concepts of Respect, Responsibility, and Reasoning In recent years, there has been a definite and disturbing trend by teens in the high school setting toward increased, uncontrolled aggression toward teachers and each other accompanied by a general decrease in respect for their peers, teachers, and their school. These trends have caused a change
in the "atmosphere" of the school setting. Students have begun to lose pride in their school and in themselves. Imagine a school or classroom where
learners manage and resolve their own conflicts, assume responsibility for their actions and respect, cooperate, and tolerate one another with values of human dignity and self-esteem. This interdsciplinary/integrated thematic unit is designed to give students the basic understanding of expressing and resolving conflict, assuming responsibility and the ability to reason in decision making.