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From Aztlan to Oz - In Search of the Whole Enchilada

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An integrated interdisciplinary thematic secondary unit on the (im)migration of Mexican peoples. From the early wanderings of the Mexica (pronounced "Mesheeka") tribe from the Utopian homeland of Aztlan, in search of another fabled Utopia, people from what is now Mexico have migrated north, hoping to rediscover Aztlan and looking for wealth and a better life. An outcome is that the largest single minority population group in the U.S. by the year 2005 will be Hispanic. The effect on American society is increasingly felt in the culture and the economy. Topics included are: 1. Mexican History and Culture as They Influence Hispanic Thought and Response, 2. Assimilation: The Impossible Dream? Is it Desirable...Or Even Possible? 3. Immigration Patterns & Problems; 4. A Gigantic Population Segment in Search of a Voice