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From Dao to Mao. The Long and "Silky" Road

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary Thematic Unit on the Middle Kingdom There are several reasons why the study of Ancient China is
important for the students of today. First, by studying China the students are able to see the origins of the struggle for human rights and freedoms and
why, even in this day and age, this struggle for freedom continues. Second, the story of China shows us that development origins are common to both cast and west in the world. The geography is responsible for dividing and uniting peoples. From studying China students will be able to conclude
these concepts. Third, the students will learn the impact of science, technology, and human activity on resources and the environment. Fourth, students will learn the origins and knowledge modern mathematical systems. Finally, this study of Ancient China will allow the students to expwience the life of an evolving couWy as it integrates itself with the rest of the world.