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From The A-Bomb To "Da Bomb" or Platoon to Looney Doom (or is it Millenni- Doom?)

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An Integrated Exploration of the Evolutionary Changes in Post WWII American Life As A Result of the Dropping of the Atomic Bomb The dropping of the atomic bombs by the United States upon Japan to end World War II automatically drew us into another war and forever has changed society. Political lines were drawn between democracy and communism. Economic and social trends were shaped as a "fallout" of nuclear disaster. This unit focuses on the reactions of the nuclear age which has signaled the reality that humans are absolutely capable of destroying ourselves as a species. The potential for Armageddon has shaped our nation's political, economic, and social/cultural perceptions which has shaped our multifaceted trends/fashions which have appeared, disappeared, and reappeared throughout the following five decades, emphasizing that the
statement that the only consent to life is change. Some of these changes have improved society while others have altered traditional values and ways of life. From these changes it is important to understand how the events, issues, conflicts, and resolutions in the last half century are interconnected and tied to the rest of the world. From the conceptional connections we will hopefully move into the next millenium wiser and kinder than we were in
the last.