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From Walden to Woodstock. From the Forest Walker to Forrest one ERA and out the OTHER.

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An integrated, interdisciplinary, thematic study of Individuality and Social Consciousness as it was expressed by the Transcendental Movement and the Woodstock Generation. A unit for 11th grade American Literature/American History. The American character has often been described as one of the rugged individualism; however, there has also developed a growing stream of social consciousness. The actions and attitudes of the "Woodstock Generation" (1965-1975) reflected in many ways the Transcendental movement of the previous century. The Transcendental movement (1840-1855) led to an outpouring of significant literature characterized by essays and poems celebration optimism of the human spirit, individuality, love of nature, and simplification of life. This interdisciplinary unit is designed to help students make connections between the attitudes and actions of Americans in two very different areas and to explore the rights and risks of individuality as well as the responsibilities and results of social protest in a free society.