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Hail To The Hormones Adolescent Changes From Your "Knows" To Your "Feats"

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic Sxith Grade Unit on Adolescent Changes and Challenges. There are many ways of thinking about change. Change may be for better or for worse, but it is unavoidable. Animals, plants, and people grow and change throughout their lives. Learning to deal with change is important for all of us. Governments change - sometimes peacefully and sometimes violently. Families change with the passing of time: children grow, leave home, and have children of their own. Entire societies change, as a result of wars, inventions, discoveries, and other forces that cause a shift in the way people live. Our physical surroundings change with differences in temperature and pressure - solids to liquids, liquids to gas. Even the earth changes: its plates shift, volcanoes erupt, and soil erodes. Change is a constant occurrence in our daily lives. At no time in your life will you experience more changes than during adolescence. Adolescent changes can be even more frightening when there is little understanding associated with it. This unit will provide information, examples, and role-playing opportunities to enlighten our 6th grade students to the fascinating changes that their 10-13 year old bodies will experience.