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"Here's Lookin' At You ... Kid." Or Mirror, Mirror On The Wall . . . Who Am I After All?

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic Unit for Seventh Graders Helping Them to Define Their Identity Middle School.

Even the very words conjure up incredible memories of The Wonder Years. Or maybe visions of a vast hormonal wasteland. Either way, it was and is a time of tremendous change. For kids, it's a cultural quest to define who they are. Within this interdisciplinary thematic unit, seventh graders will study the various facets of life that shape their identities. Personalities, feelings, surroundings, friends, emotions, music, media, heredity, life experiences, morals, and philosophy all will be explored giving the students a clearer picture of their own individuality. Participants will become aware of how choices, culture, education, and even recreation truly define their very being.