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Holocaust, not Hologram, or Yes, It Did Happen.

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic Eighth Grade Study of the Holocaust As students make their way through this unit on the Holocaust, they will learn about the ultimate in man's inhumanity of man, they will experience a whole range of emotions: fascination, doubt, shock, anger, and then horror. Students will then face questions about their own lives in the present as well as the future. What choices will they make? Will they be victims of some political group? Will they be oppressors toward those different from themselves? Will they be rescuers as they witness wrongs done to their fellow citizens? Or will they be bystanders and do nothing when powers corrupt, leaders turn evil, and carnage surrounds them? Will they be indifferent in the face of wrong or will they have resolve and courage in the face of right? Hopefully, the students will learn the lessons of history, learn to face and know themselves, and learn to make sound moral choices. In addition to these reasons, World War II and the study of history are part of eighth grade social studies curriculum as in Anne Frank a part of eighth grade English. This unit has been created to provide a fuller journey through
this horrific era.