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How Deep Is Your Valley? or . . . Dig It? Fill It? Live Within It!

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic Unit on Exploring Landscapes of Eagle River Valley An in-depth study of the meaning of landscape of the Eagle River Valley in light of its natural and human changes will give students a prospective on a global conflict facing all humankind (man & nature). We will use history and literature to show how this unique environment is a succession that has shaped the way in which we live on and use the land. Yet, with increased technology, we have been able to break loose from the natural controls the land has placed on us and reshape our environment. Students will observe, map, and analyze the impact of natural progressions as well as human's impact on the environment by studying what is happening in their own "back yard." This unit will introduce students to the use of Eagle River Valley as a laboratory for studying this conflict, like no other place on the planet. "Tell me the landscape in which you live and I will tell you who you are" Jose Artega y Gassett.