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http// or...Help!! I'm Caught In the Web 'Down In the Swamp Where the Alligators Romp' and I Can't Get Out... or The Ecology of Florida: A Web of Connections to the World

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An Integrated Interdisciplinary Thematic Unit for 3rd-5th Graders In the study of the ecology of Florida locally, with its interconnectedness globally, students will: Appreciate the interdependence of the diverse plants and animals in the various habitats. Understand the power that we have to enrich or destroy the delicate balance of all the aspects of our environment. Be better prepared to solve global environmental problems in the future. Be more likely to consider the consequences of decisions and actions. Realize that our local environment affects and is affected by the global environment. Know that a healthy environment is essential for our existence. Understand the importance of protecting and conserving Florida's natural resources.