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I got friends in the Middle Ages, where Arthur rules and Guinervere chases...Lancelot. Or Your cheatin' heart will tell on you. A view of the life and times of King Arthur

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An integrated, interdisciplinary thematic unit exploring Arthurian Legend and the Middle Ages. C.S. Lewis described the legend of Arthur by comparing it to a medieval cathedral: I am thinking of a great cathedral, where Saxon, Norman, Gothic, Renaissance, and Georgrian elements all co-exist, and all grow together into something strange and admirable which none of its successive builders intended or foresaw."

The Medieval Period is important becaue its influences on society and culture throughout the world are still prevalent today. The study of the legend of King Arthur encompasses literature, history, romance, relationships, politics, religion, social structure, war intrigue and more. What better way to study the time period and its people. Many literary works and customs of today are influenced by Arthurian legend. Through the study of the Arthurian legend students will gain insight into the foundations of many literary plots and cultural practices easily recognized in their time apply that knowledge to become more culturally below.