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In Search of Ourselves. . . There Is A Method To Our Madness, But Is There Madness In Our Method?

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An Interdisciplinary/Integrated Thematic Study of the Mystery of Scientific Method for 9th Grade. The body of knowledge in science is multiplying at such a rapid pace that
teachers and students are often overwhelmed; therefore, the application and
use of the scientific method is of paramount importance to students aspiring
to be proficient in the scientific disciplines. Recognizing the importance of
observation for the accurate understanding of history and culture through
scientific investigation, students will glean information from an imaginary
archeological investigation for the purpose of creating logical hypotheses,
gathering data, and defending or refuting their conclusions based on that
data. This unit emphasizes the importance of the accurate gathering, management and interpretation of data. Additionally, emphasis is placed on
the students' abilities to assimilate, synthesize and communicate a defense of their data-based conclusions.