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Isthmus be the Place Digging in the Dirt: A Country Divided. the World United

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An integrated interdisciplinary thematic unit on the History, Culture, Biology, and Construction of the Panama Canal. The construction of the Panama Canal was an important event in the history of the Americas because it drasticallyaltered the shape and size of the globe and set the tone for the relationships that would exist between the United States and Latin American countries for the next century. We are inescapably tied to these events and by exploring and synthesizing the literature, daily life, music, arts, biological impacts, and the political realities of the day, students will be able to recognize thise connections and understand how the existence of te canal has impacted their lives. The consturction of the monumental engineering project across a land it was not designed to benefit set the tone for the political and social relationships that the United States and Latin American countries would experience right down to the present times.