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Knights in Shining Amour or Love, Labor & Legend in the time of King Arthur or Dude, Where's My Sword? Lance is in a lot of trouble.

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An interdisciplinary look at the Middle Ages through the eyes of King Arthur. This unit will explore the world of King Arthur from both the historical and literary points of view. By reading the legends of King Arthur while at the same time studying the historical period, the students will learn the fact and fiction do not stand apart from each other, rather they walk hand in hand through history bearing witness to everything from art to fashion to music. By studying the Middle Ages, students will be able to construct a background, or a "family tree" if you will, of today's world by becoming acquainted with a way of life that has directly impacted how we live, work, govern, and interact today. Additionally, students will discover the common bond of humanity that threads throughout the pages of the King Arthur stories-love, honor and betrayal are as important today as they were during the time of Camelot. This unit hopes to inspire the students to connect on a personal level with the world of the past in order to better understand the world of today and to help construct the world of tomorrow.