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Live And Let Die... Or The Sounds Of Silence

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic, Standards-based Unit on Endangered Species The number of species in danger of extinction continues to increase almost daily, due primarily to habitat loss and human activity. Although the process of extinction is, in fact a natural one (remember our old friends the dinosaurs?), humans have accelerated it due to choices they make and lifestyles they pursue. This endangerment is serious because it shows us that as long as humans are too self-absorbed to be able to care about the fate of other living things on this planet, they will be unable to care about each other....and the potential impacts upon society are frightening. For example, many students today will tell you that if they don't get caught, then it's not I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, and not necessarily need to be accountable or responsible. Is it any wonder that the estimated number of species becoming extinct is now more than 3 per hour? And the rate continues to accelerate.

This unit will focus upon how species become endangered, why even endangered species play critical roles in maintaining ecosystem balance and as such should be protected/saved from extinction, and what is being done to save them--especially from the ravages of human choice.

Furthermore, this unit aligns with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards regarding endangered species.