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Men Are From Mars Send Them Back!!!

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic Unit for High School Students on Man"s Mission to Mars People for centuries have wondered about space and its different planets. As a result, there have been several books, documents, and movies made about space and what it may be like. NASA as well as other countries like Russia have dreamed about traveling to other planets. Unfortunately, there have been several unknowns to make this dream a reality. But with the studies on current satellites and the successful mission of the rover on Mars, it looks like there is a very real possibility of having man travel to Mars, the closest planet to Earth. In fact, NASA has moved up their goal date by five years to 2015. With that goal change, our students have a very good chance of working in a field in which they will help man land on Mars. By examining Mars, comparing it to the Earth, studying past space experiments, and learning more about how our bodies may work in space, students will brainstorm and actually try to solve the current problems of planning a trip to Mars.