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No One Can Break My Stride, Virginia is Rebuilding with Pride!

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic study of Simple Machines in the Reconstruction period after the Civil War After the Reconstruction period, following the Civil War, Virginia's economy was ruined. Virginians faced major problems in rebuilding the state. Work and toil from men in the fields, from sunup to sundown, were no longer effective methods of meeting the supply and demand of the Virginian economy. Virginia began to change from a rural, agricultural society to a more urban industrial society. The technological revolution encouraged people to design farm machinery and transportation vehicles that aided farmers and storekeepers in becoming effective businessmen. As a result, Virginians began to live again.

Technological advancements of machines made work easier for the society after the Civil War. The students will investigate and understand that the concept of work is more than completing the task; energy is needed to do work.