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Our Pupals Are Not Fixed, But Dilating or From Walking on Sesame Street to Surfing the Net, or From David to Goliath and Everything in Between

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An integrated, interdisciplinary thematic unit exploring the physical, psychological, emotional, and world changes relative to the typical 12/13 year old Change is an inevitable part of life and no where is it more evident than in the life of a 12-13 year old. This unit is designed to help students explore, understand, and cope with the physical, psychological, and emotional changes recognized in themselves, as well as the world around them. This unit will engage students in the following activities as they develop thinking skills to analyze and synthesize information on the topic of change: creative problem solving, divergent thinking, role plays/skits, research projects, and video/audio production, as students explore the topic and how it affects their lives and the world in which they live.