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Reading & Writing in a numerical world or Yes, Virginia, There is a Standard for Measurement

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic unit on Measurement: Space, Time, Volume, Mass, Distance, Plane Figures, Surfaces Man's need to order his universe has led him to systematize the dimension, quantity, and capacity of his world through the mathematical concept of measurement which dates back to 30,000 to 25,000 B.C. when Paleolithic peoples in central Europe and France used tallies with the bones of animals, ivory, and stone to record numbers.
This unit on measurement is designed to establish a baseline for knowledge of estimated, standard, and metric units of measure for dimension, quantity, and capacity. Because reading and writing are critical to interpreting and preparing to solve any math problem, the use of those processes will establish relevance to students' daily life when students access prior knowledge, learn to read analytically, and write to examine procedures and algorithms. These same two processes will integrate measurement with the humanities, the arts, and technology.