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Takin'The Three Pigs to Market, NASDAQ Style

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic Unit for an Internship Experience in Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology. Many students require the type of educational experiences that enable them to be involved in real-life situations, with an emphasis on thinking and problem-solving, rather than only textbook exercises and classroom simulations. For these students the focus should be on exploration and discovery, with the individual defining the problem and assuming responsibility for a solution. Students also require an environment in which they can be regarded as valuable and unique individuals whose ideas, opinions, and suggestions are taken seriously and even acted upon. The authors believe that thorough preparation for the internship experience, on a professional level is an important aspect of the total educational development of our students. It provides a broad vantage point for gaining an overview of their chosen career area(s); it also enables the student to become acquainted with the professional and decision-making positions, which are best suited to individual talents and skills. Furthermore, participation by students in these real-life experiences expand their awareness of their own goals, abilities, and interests relative to future careers and the development of good working habits which are necessary for success in any area.