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The Bees Knees are connected to the Leg bone The Bees wings are connected to the Chest bone or The Bee Gees sing Bee Bop

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An interdisciplinary thematic unit on Bees This unit focuses on the study of bees with emphasis on the lifecycle, structure of bee communities, and the implications of bees on human life and the environment. These topics are important for primary students to engage with for multiple reasons. It is crucial that children develop an understanding of the lifecycle as an integral and defining part of life. Bees are a visual and accessible way to study this process and the life cycle of a bee can be applied to all insects. The second reason bees are an important topic to study is due to the relevance bee communities have to the study of governing and organization. The hierarchy within the hive lends itself to teach civic lessons to primary grade students. Contemporary issues with the decreasing bee population provide the final reason this bee unit is important. With the declining bee population, there is a unique opportunity to discuss how all species are intertwined and the significant impact we have on the environment. Through these discussions, a sense of ethical responsibility for future generations may be established resulting in increased environmental and social awareness.