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The Heat is On!!! Or It's Getting Hot in Here, So Cut Down on Your Gas

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic, Standards-based Unit on The Human Impact on Global Warming Our planet's climate has never been entirely stable or unchanging. The climatic changes taking place today are unfolding at an exceedingly rapid rate. Most scientists agree that human activities such as fossil fuel combustion and deforestation are largely responsible for the current modification of Earth's atmosphere and climate. Climatic changes will likely have adverse consequences for ecosystems and for millions of people around the world. For this reason, increasing numbers of scientists, policymakers, and ordinary citizens are seeking to take action to minimize and alleviate our impacts on the climatic system. Students will gain an understanding that all actions have a reaction that affects the world in which they live. Students will also understand the concept of interlocking cycles in which each cycle on earth is dependent on others. The essential concept is that the environment is an interdependent system which can drastically be affected by society. The unit will review and illustrate the causes and consequences of global warming. The students will gain the knowledge necessary to become politically and environmentally conscious of their actions as they affect the environment. They need to understand and comprehend the effects of global warming on their future daily lives.