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The Pilgrim's Progress to American Rebel or a Tea Party Gets Out of Hand

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An integrated literature based look at colonial through pre-revolutionary America. As American youth, it is imperative that our students understand the cultures that have precipitated our current day society. Our students need to understand the values of various cultures and how they have influenced the making of our country. This unit is a key to the better understanding, appreciation and tolerance of all the diverse backgrounds existing in today's society. Our students need to better underderstand our history and the issures and conflicts that led to the events comprising that history. In addition, we hope that students will begin to see the patterns and decide upon ways that similar issues and conflicts may be avoided or solved present day to prevent the re-occurence of these problems today. This unit builds a background for heritage. Understanding the culture that made up early America's multi-cultural background is an important stey in recognizing the contributions still being made by other cultures today. The historical period of 1620-1776 establishes the social culture that led to the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.