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The Scientific Inquirer (Enquiring Scientists Want to Know) or There Is A Madness To Our Method

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic unit on scientists and scientific method. From the beginning of time humans have strived to understand nature. Middle school students can develop an understanding of scientific inquiry and the interactions between science and society. Students will develop an understanding of the historical examples of science and the nature of science through scientific inquiry experiments. Students should be able to identify the difference between a question and a scientific question to implement in a scientific method experiment. Students will recognize a scientific question testing one variable at a time and list the controls of an experiment.

In this unit, students will be able to define the scientific method steps when outlining early scientist's work. As students read and research about scientists they will be able to extract the type or field of study of their individual. Students will summarize what their individual scientist was known for and how their contribution has benefited society. Students will inscribe personal details about their individual. Students will be able to understand that the accepted scientific methods and investigative processes used today are the result of contributions from many different scientists, experiments and discoveries.

Students will develop an understanding of how a scientific process was developed to communicate their results with other scientists, and develop an understanding of how science and nature affects human life.