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The Thrill of Adapting...Or the Agony of Extinction He who adapts the most...survives

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An Integrated interdisciplinary Thematic Unit on Survival and Adaptation Everyday we are challenged with the adapting to the changes inour society (environment). For example weather changes, schedules chang and jobs change. We are forced to make decisioons based upon an understanding of survival. In this unit students will gain an understanding of the history of adaptation to survival of life on earth. In this understanding students will then transfer and connect this to their lives in order to become adaptable to change and become more fulfilled and knowledgeble world citizens.
According to educational psychologists such as Maslov and Erickson, survival is the first level of a human's basic need.
In this unit, students will gain an understanding of how adaptations effected the survival of past civilizations and apply their knowledge in today's everlasting society.