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There is more than one way to find a stud!

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Careers in building a house. Home building fuels the American economy. In the process of building one home, many jobs are generated. A few examples of the careers which are essential in the building of homes are: Architect, Brick Mason, Cabinet Makers, Carpenters, Carpet Laborers, Clean-Up Crew, Contractor, Concrete Mason, Delivery Truck Drivers, Dry Wall Installers, Electricians, Equipment, Finishers, Framers, Grading Contractor, Gutter Plumbers, Project Manager, Real Estate Agents, Roofers, Sales Associates, Septic Tank Installers, Siding Installers, Tile Installers, Warehouse Workers, Welders, Well Drillers.
This unit will take students on a journey through the house building process. The student will explore the various occupations related to the planning and construction of a home, through the eyes of a general contractor or project manager.