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This is your brain on Mass Media. Think about it...if you can.

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary unit on becoming media savvy. It is paramount that students are media savvy in the 21st century. Students need to be media savvy due to the blurring of journalism, propaganda, entertainment, and consumerism in our country. The students of Montgomery Academy will view, evaluate, analyze, and critique various forms of media, and the messages they convey. Through the study of this unit, the students will review the history of mass communication as well as investigate mass media in various forms. The students will also work to develop the social skills necessary to work within a team towards a common goal.

This unit was developed with special education students in mind. Though the material is appropriate for the 7th through 10th grade, some reading and writing texts are high-interest, low-reading level. The group of students targeted for this unit has a primary classification of emotional and behavioral disorders with secondary classification of learning disabilities.