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This Land Is Your Land...Or Is It?

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary Unit Examining Cultural Unity and Division in America America was founded with the notion that all peoples might come together to "melt" into a new heartier breed. As more non-Western Europeans arrived, conflicts became evident and the "melting pot" became a "stew". For true tolerance to prevail, students need to appreciate cultural differences and recognize them as beneficial to society. This tolerance comes as a result of understanding which common factors lead to emigration and which factors draw people to leave their origins behind and establish a new society.
Students will need to know the history and origins of American culture in order to be able to evalute and understand the concerns, actions and beliefs of our diverse population. With this knowledge students gain an understanding of the "tie that binds", the richness and Diversity as well as the divisions which persist in our culture today. This understanding brings the ability to apply critical thinking, analysis and problem solving skills to the real world. Knowledge of our culture and its history makes for a more worldly, culturally literate student.