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U. S. Highway 1 Florida's Endless Dream

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic Unit for Middle School Tracing Florida's Development From 1930 to the New Millennium. The economic support base of a community is constantly changing due to a variety of considerations. U.S. Highway #1, a major North-South artery in Brevard County, Florida, provides a point of reference for students to assess these changes in the historic, cultural, economic, and social landscape of Florida from the 1930's to the New Millennium. This interdisciplinary, integrated, thematic unit for 7th graders is designed to enable students to make connections between the heritage and culture in their own backyard, the world of the future, and world cultures from the past. This unit offers students a variety of ways to accomplish many of the Sunshine State Standard Benchmarks for Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Visual Arts, Mathematics, Music, Technology and Goal Three Standards. The structure of this unit is designed so that with slight modification it could be used by teachers living in any part of the country that has undergone demographic growth due to economic growth or Immigration.