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Use the scientific method to evaluate the changes made by it throughout history.

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An Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic, Standards-based Unit on the scientific method Throughout the course of history men have questioned the events and forces of nature. These questions were often answered by the existence mythological beings, humans possessing, extraordinary powers, legendary creatures or religious deities. It was during the 1620's that men such as Descartes began to consider an organized approach to answering questions and solving age-old problems. This interdisciplinary unit on science, mathematics, and history is designed to provide an overview of the importance of the scientific method as it pertains to history, religion, mathematics, technology, and our daily lives. It is important that students know the historical, social, and cultural implications of scientific laws and theories. This knowledge will enable students to better understand the importance of the scientific method in current technological innovations and economic decision-making and in the overall quality of their daily lives.