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We Didn't Start the Fire. Stepping to No-Man's Land to find out why World War I was Not "The War to end all wars." From Western Front to Woodrow's Headache

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An integrated, interdisciplinary look at how the Sarajevo spark lit the powder keg of Europe and set the world ablaze. A unit for 9th grade English/American History. Never before in world history were so many nations locked in battle, and, tragically, were so many people killed than in World War I. In a span of less than four years, 8.5 million people were killed and 21 million people were wounded. And all of this devastation was sparked by one person's violent act. Our goal is to understand how allof this occurred and how one person's decision had huge consequences in a world much like ours today. Furthermore, in order to understand how our world is divided today, we must understand the lasting outcomes of the "War to end all wars".