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Who put the "woe" in woman? Who put the "woooo" in women? A-men Social, cultural, and religious roles of women throughout history.

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With the increase interest in women's rights, it is important for students to gain basic knowledge of the female roles in the five major religions. The students will analyze how certain characteristics can link or divide regions in terms of language, religion, social and economic systems, and shared history (History SOL 10.4). The students will also analyze the pattern of social structure in four major religions: Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism (History SOL 8.4 I). The students will study the origin, traditions, customs, beliefs, and spread of Judaism (History SOL 8.4 I). The students will analyze the orgin, traditions, customs, beliefs, and spread of Islam, and they will analyze theological and cultural differences between Islam and Christianity (History SOL 8.5 A,B,C). The students will describe and compare selected civilizations, focusing on Hinduism (History SOL 8.8A). The students will read and analyze different media for symbolism, allusions, and archetypes (English SOL 9.3). This will include presenting and critiquing dramatic readings (Miracle Worker and Romeo and Juliet)(English SOL 9.1 and 9.5). The students will develop a written analysis of what they learned in either a fiction or nonfiction essay and credit any sources they used (English SOL 9.6 and 9.7).