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WWII: The Price of War OR How Much Did The Holo-Cost? OR From The Western Front To The Home Front

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A 9th Grade Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Thematic Unit Examining the Effects of War On Civilian Lives from 1933-1945. This unit focuses on how, from 1933-1945, otherwise civilized nations persecuted entire groups of people, often their own countrymen, out of fear, hatred, prejudice or superiority. Motivated by power, politics, religion and greed, individuals were persecuted for their physical, social and cultural differences. Although WWII was called "the war to end all wars", acts of
cruelty and intolerance still exist throughout the world today as we move into the 21st century. This interdiscipinary unit will help students understand how, during WWII, millions of non-combatants were victimized by circumstances beyond their control.