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You Enlighten Up My Life or From Here to Enlightenment

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An integrated, interdisciplinary, thematic unit on the Age of Reason's impact on the freedoms of humankind. The Age of Reason/ the Age of Enlightenment began with the advent of the Gutenberg printing press and mercantilism in Europe. Because trade endowed the lower classes with money, a middle class was formed. With the increase of wealth came a desire for education.

While using this integrated, interdisciplinary unit exploring the Enlightenment's impact on the freedom of humankind, students will discern the patterns of history and change wich mimic the Age of Reason. In understanding how the Age of Reason shaped society, students will be able to draw parallels between the Restoration period and contemporary chages in technology, religion, economy, and science. Students will also discuss and evaluate the causes and effects of the "thought revolutions: of the time and the question of who gives freedom-- government or individual thinkers in a given society. As members of a free, democratic society, students have an obligation to analyze the possible outcomes of their present day and future "revolutions" in technology, etx. using the templates of history.