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You Got That Right! or The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizen "CAN"

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A third grade unit on civics and government. First of all, this unit is based on an Indiana State standard for Grade 3 social studies. Secondly, it is important for children to understand their civic responsibilities at this time in history. Many people of the current adult generation do not take them seriously enough, and incompetent people are running some government offices. As a result, there are warning signs everywhere that our stability in the ecosystem, in foreign affairs, in national healthcare, and other arenas is collapsing. The essential concept of the unit is that there are various functions of each and every citizen in a community and/or country that are needed in order to maintain status quo, and for the benefit of everyone. Students will explain that people are citizens of their community, state, and nation and the rights and responsibilities that go with that. They will explain the importance of being a good citizen, the importance of following laws and consequences that stem from not following laws, the differences between goods and services, and the problems that can arise if these goods and services are not balanced. Transportation will also be covered, such as road signs and modes of transportation.